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Santa Fe and Ultra Aire by Santa Fe:
Pioneers in indoor air quality


From product inception, energy efficiency is a focus. Every unit exceeds Department of Energy standards, saving you money over the life of the dehumidifier.


We stand behind our products. If a Santa Fe and Ultra Aire dehumidifiers are anything, they’re durable. Commercial-grade and are ready to take on the harshest conditions.

Superior filtration

Equipped with a MERV-13 filter, Sant Fe and Ultra Aire has the best filtration of any dehumidifier on the market. What does that mean? It means our dehumidifiers remove 98% of dust, compared to a MERV-8 filter, which only has 90% dust removal.


Engineered and manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin, we take pride in our products and service. Our products are commercial-grade, built to last and readily available. While our customer service team is ready to help guide you through the selection process – whether you are a DIYer or working with a contractor.


When it comes to protecting your family and property from the harmful effects of excessive moisture, you should never settle for anything but a Santa Fe or Ultra Aire. That’s because we take great pride in engineering products that set the standard in dehumidification for the entire home. It’s not only our mission, it’s our passion.

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