Can I Install the Ultra-Aire 155H with 2 (or 3) Zones?


I looked and couldn’t find an answer to my specific question so here it is. My house is on a slab (central Texas) with two big zones on the main floor (living and sleeping) and one small 800 sq ft upstairs zone (game room) for 4300 sq ft total. I would like to add this Ultra-Aire A155H to my house in a way that makes the most sense.

All three HVAC systems are in the attic and close to each other so I can put the Ultra-Aire in the middle of all three. I have 2 – 5-ton condensers for the downstairs and one 2 ton (I think) for the upstairs game room. Can I/should I use this UA155H to feed all three systems using motorized ducts or some other setup? Should I feed the two main systems and not worry about the upstairs? Can I/should I use separate DEH3000s to control the humidity in the different areas by closing dampers from the Ulta-Aire feed to the system that doesn’t need dehumidification?



Thank you for selecting our product. You can duct the output from the Ultra-Aire 155H to multiple a/cs. I suggest a manifold with adjustable flow dampers to split the output to each zone as needed. Humidity equalizes aggressively and therefore does not need active zoning. One DEH3000 located in the highest moisture load area or most critical area should do the job.


Teddy Bear