Dehumidification - All the Buzz at Building Science Summer Camp - Santa Fe
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Dehumidification – All the Buzz at Building Science Summer Camp

Every year for the past 20 plus years Therma-Stor (more specifically Ken Gehring) has attended the industry famous Westford Symposium on Building Science, or better known as Building Science Summer Camp. The event brings together some of the greatest minds and innovators in building science. Summer Camp was started over 20 years ago by Joe Lstiburek, PhD. PE and his wife Betsy Pettit, FAIA.  This “camp” is an all-out building science nerdfest where top researchers and industry leaders present studies and new building products/ systems in an effort to help design and build more energy-efficient, sustainable and healthy homes.

We were very excited that our own Ken Gehring was invited to speak and did a presentation called “The Lazy A/C.” 

Our friend Matt Risinger, a high-performance home builder in Austin and a hot/humid climate building science expert, interviews several experts every year at Summer Camp for his blog.  This year Ken’s presentation on the need for dedicated dehumidification was a hot topic!  Watch below to see what Gord Cooke and Wynn White have to say about moisture in homes, dehumidification, and mold.

Published on Nov 15 2016

Last Updated on Dec 02 2020

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