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How to Dry Out a House After Flood Waters Recede

Several areas in the country are facing devastation due to trental amounts of rain that has led to historic flooding. Once the flood waters have receded, knowing how to safely and effectively dry a house and belongings is imperative in preventing costly and damaging mold growth.

It is essential to dry out the water-damaged areas as quickly as possible. Relative humidity levels above 60 percent stimulate the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other biological allergens, which can potentially create dangerous living conditions.

Time is of the Essence After a Flood

The first step to drying a house is to remove the remaining floodwater as quickly as possible, either by using sump pumps or calling a local restoration professional. After you are sure the space is safe to enter, follow these steps provided by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention:

Drying rates greatly improve by lowering relative humidity, adding heat, and increasing air movement, all functions of a high-powered dehumidifier. Experts recommend using dehumidifiers with a regenerative heat exchanger and high-capacity fan, like the units offered by Santa Fe Indoor Air Quality Solutions. These features are necessary for fast and effective drying. Choosing the right size dehumidifier for your home is also extremely important.  The key to sizing is to always error on the side of more capacity than you need, as conditions will affect how much water the unit can remove.

Not All Dehumidifiers are Created Equal

 Santa Fe dehumidifiers feature a large moisture removal coil, regenerative heat exchanger and high-capacity fan, which allow the units to remove 2-3 times more moisture per kilowatt of electricity than a conventional dehumidifier. In addition, Santa-Fe dehumidifiers allow for high-efficiency MERV 13 air filtration. These freestanding residential units are built with the same components as the company’s commercial restoration dehumidifiers and, as a result, can remove up to four times more water than the units available at home improvement stores.

Santa Fe high-capacity dehumidifiers are some of the most energy-efficient on the market and designed to effectively and quickly remove excess moisture due to flooding. The units help maintain the structural integrity of the home, control moisture in the environment to minimize mold growth, and improve the indoor air quality of the overall home by removing odor-causing moisture.

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Published on Aug 02 2022

Last Updated on Aug 04 2022

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