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Why the use of an HVAC System alone in storage facilities is Risky

For years, air conditioning has been considered as an acceptable means to dehumidify storage facilities. In fact, if conditions are favorable, A/C’s can remove some humidity. But if you’re solely relying on your HVAC system to control humidity, you’re taking a gamble with your customers’ possessions and your facility’s building structure.

“true” climate-control shouldn’t be a temperature balancing act

When using the incomplete solution of temperature-driven climate control, a process called reheating has been used to combat the humidity and mold issues that occur from overcooling a facility. In this process, the air inside the facility is re-heated after being over-cooled to increase the air’s ability to hold water and lower the relative humidity. This process is repeated as the air is re-cooled by the HVAC system.

The process is not only costly but inefficient. If reheating the air is necessary to control relative humidity inside the structure, the already inefficient method of dehumidifying using the air conditioner alone becomes even less energy efficient not to mention the wear and tear on the A/C.


Solving Storage facility Humidity Problems

Designed to suit your specific needs, a commercial dehumidifier such as a Santa Fe or Santa Fe works to pull moisture from the indoor air climate. By absorbing and dispelling the water vapor, the system lowers the indoor humidity levels effectively and affordably.

Unlike residential systems, commercial dehumidifiers are engineered to be long-lasting and designed for the environment in which they’ll serve, so you can feel confident in your investment. These systems can also be connected to an existing HVAC system for immediate and automatic water vapor removal and complete climate control.

Fight humidity with a Santa Fe or Santa Fe Dehumidifier

Stop gambling with the damaging effects of uncontrolled humidity levels inside your storage facilities. Contact the team at Santa Fe and Ultra Aire to learn more about how a commercial dehumidifier can help solve your humidity problems and be sure to ask about storage facility applications.


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Published on Jul 14 2020