Ultra-Aire: What is it? Why do I need it? Who is the Mastermind behind it?

According to experts, controlling humidity inside the home is essential for comfort, reducing health risks, and protecting its structural integrity and contents.  Ken Gehring, better known as Teddy Bear on HVAC-Talk.com, invented the Ultra-Aire whole house ventilating dehumidifier in 1996 pioneering a new way to control humidity and bring in fresh air to the entire home.

High-efficiency dehumidifiers integrate with the heating and cooling system to control moisture without having to run the air conditioning system – think 70 degrees and raining and those sleepless nights when the A/C is not running.  They can deliver fresh filtered air to the home to help dilute indoor pollutants, which is extremely important in today’s tight homes, as well as to meet most national and local building codes.  All Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR® rated and provide the ultimate in comfort and indoor air quality.  Ultra-Aire is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by Therma-Stor LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin.