Ultra Aire MD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier


Affordable, Innovative Indoor Moisture Control and Mold Prevention

Controlling humidity in multi-family housing is a challenge for most architects, engineers, property managers and owners.

Excessive moisture can contribute to poor indoor air quality, property damage, mold, comfort complaints, and reputational risk and liability.

Including a dedicated in-wall dehumidifier as an integral part of the mechanical system protects the physical investment and creates a comfortable, healthier living environment for residents.

Reduce the risks associated with interior mold with the Ultra Aire MD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier in all multi-family housing environments, including:




Adaptive Reuse

Market Rate


Include Dehumidification in your HVACD sytems.

Protect the investment in the building and health of the residents by adding a dedicated in-wall dehumidifier to the structure’s mechanical system.

I really like what I see with the new design of the dehumidifier. It looks great and I think the depth of the unit is its biggest calling card, not only for standalone installs, but also in multi-family complexes where space is a premium.

The MD33 was exactly the product we’d been looking for to alleviate the humidity in our apartment project.  The ease of installation and slim-line profile of the product really fit in the modern living spaces.

The MD33 dehumidifier by Ultra Aire worked great for me. The installation of this particular unit was very easy and the unit looked great after completion. Since the install, I now have the perfect relative humidity in my apartment and no longer have the moisture issues that I had before. With our company owning several apartment complexes, and knowing that these issues do happen, I will 100% be using the MD33 unit again.