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Please join us for our Crawl Space Specialist Training Class

When: June 13 & 14, 2023
Where: 4005 Felland Rd Suite 111. Madison, WI 53718
Trainer: Nikki Krueger

Until recently, the crawl spaces in over 70+ million homes throughout the country were thought to be “out of sight, out of mind”. Today problems with mold, odors, pests, energy consumption, and damage to the structure and contents of the home – consumers are looking for encapsulation specialists to solve these issues. While many companies are providing encapsulation services, few have trained experts that understand the building science required to ensure a fix to the problems their customers are experiencing.


 To address this, a collaborative effort of the nation’s top building science experts, the leading crawl space research organization, restorative drying experts and the leading manufacturer of moisture remediation and control equipment have developed the first Crawl Space Encapsulation Specialist Training Program. This unprecedented program gives encapsulation professionals an in-depth understanding of moisture, energy conservation and engineering controls and how to manage each of these to install an encapsulation system that stops mold growth, eliminates bacterial odor, reduces pest infestation, and slows energy consumption.

Program details include:

Day One
Day Two

This course is taught through a combination of classroom lecture and hands-on in a mocked-up crawl space. An exam follows to complete the training process.

Sign up now to reserve your spot. Travel information, Hotel recommendations, and additional class details will follow.

Crawl Space Specialist Training

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