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Commercial Solutions

More than the home

Protect your investment and your customers. We offer a full line of high-capacity, energy-efficient and free-standing units designed and manufactured for self-storage, multi-family housing, fitness centers and government applications.


Self Storage Warehouse

Protect your business.

There’s only one way to reduce your utility bills while also protecting your self-storage facilities from mildew: Control your climate and keep humidity in check. We can help. Our dehumidifiers are the most efficient on the market. 

Gyms, spas and fitness centers

Fitness Center

Put customer comfort first.

Your customers want a comfortable, sanitary, odor-free facility. Humidity control can help your gym, spa or fitness center put its best foot forward. 



American-made Solutions.

Look to us for efficient, American-made dehumidification solutions. From military housing to office or utility protection, we offer efficient humidity control you can trust. 



prevent property damage.

Controlling humidity in multi-family housing is a challenge for most architects, engineers, property managers and owners. Excessive moisture can contribute to poor indoor air quality, property damage, mold, comfort complaints, and reputational risk and liability. Proper dehumidification is an integral part of the mechanical system protects the physical investment and creates a comfortable, healthier living environment for residents.