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This is When an Ultra-Aire Dehumidifier Shines!

Here is a perfect example of when an Ultra-Aire Whole House Dehumidifier really shines!

Outside Conditions: 72F outside and a really muggy 97% RH (71F dew point, 115 gpp)
So, there was not much (if any) sensible load on the house.

Inside Conditions: 73F and a super dry 38% RH (46F dew point, 46 gpp)

As you can see this homeowner prefers to keep his house a little cooler and on the dryer side in the summertime for comfort reasons.  He refers to it as the “San Diego Effect.”  Who can argue with that?!  We typically recommend keeping the RH inside below 55% this time of the year.

Published on Jul 14 2015

Last Updated on Jan 14 2020

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