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A Breath of Fresh Air.

Safe, clean and healthy air begins with Santa Fe.

Benefits of Santa Fe
Home Moisture Protection

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Take on Humidity.

“When your home has too much humidity, it becomes a breeding ground for pests, pathogens and a trigger for indoor pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold and bacteria…”

– Chip Wade, Contractor and DIY expert

Santa Fe Ultra Series

Santa Fe offers the industry’s most complete line of whole house ventilating dehumidifiers. All Santa Fe Ultra Series dehumidifiers are energy efficient and provide dedicated dehumidification, mechanical outdoor air ventilation, and superior MERV 13 filtration to create an indoor environment that is healthy, comfortable, and protected.

Santa Fe Ultra120

Commercial Quality with the Best Warranty

Engineered to the exact specifications of toughness.

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Warranty Difference

Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier

Compact series

  • Small in stature, but not on performance
  • Water removal: 70 pints/day or 8.75 gallon/day
  • Crawl spaces: 1,800 to 2,600 sq ft. Basements: 1,800 to 2,200 sq ft.

Santa Fe Ultra98 Dehumidifier

Ultra series

  • The most energy efficient dehumidifier in the 90–100 pint category
  • Water Removal: 98 pints/day or 12.25 gallons/day
  • For spaces up to 2,300 sq ft.
  • Whole house

Santa Fe Advance90 Dehumidifier

Advance series

  • Powerful and efficient
  • Water removal: 90 pints/day or 11.25 gallons/day
  • Crawl spaces: 2,200 to 3,000 sq ft. Basements 2,200 to 2,600 sq ft.

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Vertical series

  • The bigger the basement, the better
  • Water removal: 110 pints/day or 13.75 gallons/day
  • Basements: 2,500 to 2,900 sq ft.