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Ultra120V Dehumidifier

Santa Fe

Ultra Series

The industry’s only vertical whole house dehumidifier. (Formerly Ultra-Aire 120V)

Santa Fe Ultra120V
  • Santa Fe Ultra120V
  • Ultra120V Dimensions top side front

water removal

124 pints/day

15.5 gallons/day

for spaces up to


square feet


6 year


A new spin on the original.

The Ultra120V features high capacity performance, removing up to 120 pints per day. It offers a superior level of air filtration (MERV 13) with dedicated fresh air mechanical ventilation for residential homes up to 3,000 square feet. The integral filter housing holds up to 6″ of air filter media, allowing for a variety of filtration options, including MERV 14, without the need for additional equipment. The unique vertical configuration, small-footprint, and innovative dual-exhaust make installation and maintenance much easier in applications where floor space is limited.

Optional fresh outdoor air may be ducted to the unit via a 6″ round duct. This provides fresh air to dilute indoor pollutants and maintain high oxygen content in the air. The amount of fresh air ventilation can be regulated by a variety of dampers and controls.

The Ultra120V includes air filtration to improve indoor air quality. An optional MERV 14 deep pleated 95% media filter is available for optimum air filtration to reduce potentially harmful airborne particles.

Ideal Applications

  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Home theaters
  • Workshops
  • Gun rooms
  • Exercise rooms
  • New home
  • Whole home
  • Ventilation
  • Commercial


Removes up to 124 pints of water a day.

Small Footprint

(20½″W x 40¼″H x 18¾″L) Small footprint vertical design.


Every Ultra Series dehumidifier exceeds Department of Energy standards.


Provides superior air filtration.

Innovative dual-exhaust

Ideal for basements, mechanical rooms and large attics where floor space is limited.

Product Videos

Product Specifications

Part Number
Pint Capacity
124 Pints or 15.5 Gallons
680 Watts @ 80° and 60% RH
Supply Voltage
115 volts – 1 Phase – 60 Hz
Current Draw
5.8 amps
Operating Temperature
49°F Min., 95°F Max. (Inlet Air Temperature)

34°F Min., 135°F Max. (Outside Cabinet)
Up to 3,000 Sq. Ft.
Minimum Performance at

Water Removal


Minimum Performance at

Water Removal


80°F and 60% RH

124 Pints/Day

7.6 Pints/kWh

70°F and 60% RH

95 Pints/Day

6.5 Pints/kWh
Air Filter


MERV-13, Standard Filter Size 16″W X 20″H X 2″D

90% ASHRAE Dust Spot
Unit Dimension

26.75”W x 43.5”H x 18.75”D
Unit Weight
120 Lbs.
Shipping Weight
145 Lbs.

Product Downloads

Santa Fe Product Catalog
Santa Fe Product Catalog
Ultra120V Spec Sheet
Ultra120V Spec Sheet
Ultra120V Manual
Ultra120V Manual
Ultra Aire 120V Recommended Installation
Ultra Aire 120V Recommended Installation
Ultra Aire 120V Alternative Installations
Ultra Aire 120V Alternative Installations
120V Pump Kit Install Manual
120V Pump Kit Install Manual

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