Navigating Comfort & Moisture Control in Senior Housing - Santa Fe
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As the population ages and senior housing options become increasingly important, the design of these spaces requires special attention to factors that impact both comfort and health. One of the most challenging aspects is designing mechanical systems with effective moisture control while ensuring optimal comfort for senior residents.

Sensitivity to Temperature and Health Concerns

A crucial consideration in senior housing design is that as individuals age, their bodies become more sensitive to cooler temperatures. This sensitivity is often exacerbated by health conditions and medications. As a result, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature becomes a priority to ensure the well-being of residents.

Relative Humidity Management

Controlling moisture is essential not only for comfort but also for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Indoor environments plagued by excess humidity can lead to various issues, including microbial growth and compromised indoor air quality. Traditional methods of extending air conditioning run times to remove moisture is not the ideal solution in senior housing scenarios. This strategy creates uncomfortable living conditions, which leads to residents complaints.

Solution – Dedicated Dehumidification

This case study illustrates how one senior housing development effectively managed moisture and ensured tenant comfort by utilizing a Santa Fe UltraMD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier. With the ability to regulate humidity, maintain low dew point values, and uphold comfortable temperatures, this solution paved the way for an improved living experience for all residents.

Santa Fe MD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier installed in a senior multi-family development.

The data below shows how effective the unit was in shoulder season conditions maintaining RH at 50% with corresponding low dew point values, while the interior temperature was maintained at a comfortable 78°F (plus) as favored by this particular tenant. As a result of this success, property management installed Santa Fe UltraMD33 In-Wall Dehumidifiers in all of the building’s first-floor units. (Click here to read full case study)

After installation of a Santa Fe UltraMD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier, RH stabilized in the 50% range and the apartment temperature was 78°F.

Published on Aug 30 2023

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