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How it Works:

New Santa Fe Ceiling HEPA Air Purifier

The Santa Fe Ceiling HEPA air purifiers are designed for installation above drop ceilings in commercial, light commercial, and educational applications. Available in two sizes, standard and mini, these purifiers deliver a 99.97% HEPA effectiveness as well as a market-leading clean air delivery rate (CADR) per dollar of any installed air purification system.

The ceiling-mounted installation of the air purifier allows for a very high level of control in specific areas due to the separate return and supply ducts. This promotes better delivery of clean air and allows for a multitude of engineering strategies to be employed to protect occupants.  

The Santa Fe Ceiling HEPA air purifiers run independent of the HVAC system to deliver an increased number of clean air changes per hour without interfering with HVAC system performance.  Installation above drop ceilings or open ceilings, frees up floor space, minimizes noise for the occupants, and makes them less likely to be turned off or tampered with. Effective air purification and installation flexibility make them an ideal solution for schools, assisted living and medical facilities, and other businesses seeking air purifier solutions.

How the Santa Fe Ceiling HEPA Works

Published on Jan 25 2022

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