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The Need for Ventilation and Dehumidification in a Spray Foam House

The need for fresh air in a home is nothing new.  Ever since man has brought fire inside we have recognized the need for ventilation. What is new is the charge to build the perfect house that completely isolates the great outdoors from the indoors.

Ventilation in Spray Foam Houses

To reduce energy costs, homes are being built tighter and insulated better than ever. While this makes sense from an energy perspective, it also makes providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment more of a challenge. Newer homes don’t get the natural air exchange that the older homes had from leaky building envelopes. Older homes that are updated with spray foam insulation are losing much of their natural ventilation. As a result, indoor air can become much more polluted than the outdoor air. Additionally, this can create indoor environments that are not only uncomfortable to the occupants but unhealthy as well.

Published on Dec 21 2014

Last Updated on Jan 14 2020

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