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Santa Fe

Duct Kit

Extra air flow.

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Ideal for spaces that require

extra air flow

Helps reduce

noise and vibration

of the unit

Keep your living space comfortable.

The Santa Fe duct kit allows you to set up your dehumidifier in an unfinished space or utility room while providing the benefits in a finished space. In an irregularly shaped crawl space, duct kits allow you to better control your environment in nooks and hard-to-reach areas. In any application, the Santa Fe duct kit will help reduce noise and vibration of the unit.

Compatible Products

  • Advance90
  • Advance100
  • Advance120
  • Classic
  • Compact70
  • Impact155

Product Specifications

Part Number
Compact70 Supply Duct Kit - 4030203

Compact70 Return Duct Kit – 4030204

Advance90 Return Duct Kit – 4039697

Classic Supply and Return Duct Kit - TS-196C-0906

Impact Series Duct Kit - 4028610