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Controlling humidity in multi-family housing units is a continual challenge as most building owners, architects, engineers, property managers, and even tenants can attest. Guarding against the potential damage inflicted by excess moisture can be a full-time job. Experienced professionals know there is only one proven, cost-effective way to beat moisture: Early Prevention.


Readings taken in the apartment showed 74% RH and 66°F, as a result, mold began to form on the walls.

Unfortunately, you cannot control tenant activities that lead to moisture problems, which are further compounded by today’s energy efficient building practices. Building codes focused on higher energy efficiency result in better insulated, more tightly constructed spaces. These buildings, and the spaces within them, require far less runtime of the air conditioning units, which presents a challenge since the air conditioning units typically provide the dehumidification. Less air conditioning run time means less moisture removal and a much greater potential for microbial growth.

Indoor humidity cannot be effectively or efficiently controlled with an air conditioning system alone. Excessive moisture can contribute to poor indoor air quality, property damage, mold, comfort complaints, and reputational risk and liability.


Santa Fe UltraMD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier installed on the wall of an apartment laundry room to control the relative humidity and prevent microbial growth.

Including a dedicated in-wall dehumidifier as an integral part of the mechanical system protects the physical investment and creates a comfortable, healthier living environment for residents. More information on the effectiveness of the Santa Fe UltraMD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier can be found in this case study – Controlling Humidity in Affordable Multi-Family Housing for Health, Comfort and Property Protection

Published on Apr 04 2023

Last Updated on Aug 30 2023

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